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Magnificent Views and Stories of Pacific Heights

Today, and for over 100 years, San Francisco "movers and shakers" prefer to make Pacific Heights neighborhood their home.   Learn incredible life stories of the famous personalities of The Belle Époque, view over 30 significant mansions and learn about their architecture, reflect on how different industries dominated the world in different times, take amazing photographs.  Finish with tasty lunch at one of the lovely Fillmore Street restaurants or cafes.  

Level: Moderate walking, some hills.

Interests: History. Architecture. People. Views.

3 hrs | $ 25 per person | groups from $250


Victorian San Francisco, Fillmore Jazz and Rock-n-Roll 

During this quintessential walk you will visit five neighborhoods,  learn the history of San Francisco from the mid 19th Century to today. How did SF Victorians live? How does Victorian period architecture reflect the customs and fads of the society in those times? What is Harlem of the West? How did Fillmore district become the center of Jazz and later rock-n-roll?  Where can you get real bagels in San Francisco?  Start at the famous location of the Full House opening and finish with the great view of the Bay.  If you only have time for one walk, it should be this one!

Level: Moderate

Interests: History. Architecture. People. Music.

3 hrs | $ 25 per person | groups from $250


Urban Hike: El Presidio de San Francisco

Escape the tourist crowds and hustle of the city streets for this unique adventure into the early history of San Francisco.  Visit Presidio National Park and learn how this major military outpost was restored and transformed into the premier recreation hub.  We will hike  nature trails, enjoy breathtaking scenic outlooks, visit legendary Officers Club and museum, where local history comes alive from the days of Spanish explorations to the modern times.  You can also visit Disney Family Museum, Yoda Fountain at the Lucas Film studios and much more. All this is awaiting you just around the corner, without even leaving the city! 

Level: Moderate

Interests: History. Nature. Views.

3 hrs | $ 25 per person | groups from $250


San Francisco Waterfront Walk

You've heard of Pier 39, but we invite you to visit less touristy part of SF waterfront.  You will learn about maritime explorations, visit one of the most romantic spots in San Francisco, Palace of Fine Arts, learn about innovations and grandeur of Panama-Pacific Expo, see Art Deco buildings in the Marina, visit historic Fort Mason and have an opportunity to photograph unique bay views (if Karl the Fog permits).   You can even test the water for swimming at the Aquatic Park!  Finish with legendary Ghirardelli Ice Cream or Hot Chocolate, or have dinner at one of the seafood restaurants at Fisherman's Wharf. 

Level: Moderate, some stairs, but no hills

Interests: History. Architecture. Nature. Views.

3 hrs | $ 25 per person | groups from $250


Castro Village and Its Inhabitants

Walk the streets of one of the most vibrant SF neighborhoods, learn its history and  meet its famous personalities.  Learn how Castro became a symbol of the LGBT movement and a gay mecca. You will also learn how San Francisco lived up to its name during the AIDS epidemic.  Join us and get a vibe of Castro!  After the tour watch a movie at landmark Castro Theater, shop, have a drink at the bar or dine at one of the famous neighborhood restaurants.

Level: Moderate

Interests: History. People. Neighborhood vibe.

3 hrs | $ 25 per person | groups from $250


San Francisco Gold Rush - Barbary Coast

A fun time-travel walk that will allow you to trace the steps of the original 49-ers, who arrived here in search for gold, and learn how it all began.  

You will discover buried ships, feel the atmosphere of Barbary Coast with its legendary saloons, casinos, brothels, and opium houses.   But early San Francisco gave us much more than that.  You will also learn about the famous pioneers who took risks, persevered, started famous brands and companies and created the city that is still surprises the world with its unique entrepreneurial spirit.  Wrap-up the walk with a toast for good luck at one of the old saloons!

Level: Easy street walking.

Interests: History of Wild West. Original 49'ers. 

3 hrs | $ 25 per person | groups from $250


Jewish Legacy of San Francisco

We invite you to discover key chapters of the Jewish legacy of the City by the Bay. You will learn about the most prominent Jewish pioneers and entrepreneurs who helped transform San Francisco into a thriving city and establish the second largest Jewish community in the US.  You will find out how this community produced many Jewish civil leaders, philanthropists and cultural icons.
As part of our tour we may visit Haas-Lilienthal House, home-museum of one of the most famous Jewish dynasties of San Francisco.  We will also have a chance to view the newly restored sanctuary of one of the oldest SF Congregations - Sherith Israel.

Level: Easy street walking.

Interests: Jewish history. California history. 

3.5 hrs | $ 30 per person | groups from $300

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